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2003-12-30 - 12:08 a.m.

i got a boob hat

this evening's research expedition to strip joints found me hooting and laughing with the strippers, each and all my new B.F.F.'s, until i reached my car and sobbed for half an hour.


because it was so normal, i guess.

no one questions why women do this for money and men don't (only one male strip joint in all of l.a. as opposed to hundreds, maybe thousands of girlie reviews).

just about every man i know over the age of 18 has been. again, not the same for women.

the women were so sweet and so f'ing happy that there were girls there to play with and (maybe intuiting too much on my part) feel safe with.

one of them looked fourteen.

the really good ones used every person in the room as fuel. the notsogood ones never looked anyone in the eye.

i didn't like the look of a lot of the men in there. and, i didn't like how some of them looked at me.

my skin hurts from breathing it in. i'm done talking about it for now.

2003-08-01 - 3:31 p.m.

the best thing i've ever seen in my whole life. ever.

go to peter pan's fashion page. and look at all of them.

you'll be happy you did. or terrified. one of the two. or both.

i think i've officially gone insane from looking at this site.

2003-07-21 - 4:02 p.m.

i love me some summer....

yayayayayay! it's summer! that means concerts in the park, road trips, cutesy little shoes, silly blockbusters, dodger games...

sadly, summer is also the season of circuses and petting zoos and horrendous animal entertainment practises.

and, as this is my website, i have the opportunity to get up, yet again, on my soapbox and say...

DON'T DO IT! DON'T GO! PLEASE!!! with sugar on top?...

the animals forced into a "show biz" life are treated worse than you could possibly imagine. check out and for pics and stories, if you have the stomach.

there are just so many other wonderful summer rituals to revel in. i've found hundreds online doing google searches in my city. so, you can too.

and, if anyone of those animals you are sparing knew you did it, i'm sure they would shower you with lickery kisses. i just might do that, too!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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