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2003-07-08 - 1:31 p.m.

this-or-that tuesday....

when life gets you down and the world looks kinda grey, you can always count on this-or-that tuesday.

(wow! i didn't even mean to rhyme)

July 8: Summer Potpourri

1. Strawberries or blueberries?

strawberries. but only the thing itself. i hate, hate, hate anything strawberry-flavored.

2. "Legally Blonde 2" or "Terminator 3"?

my boyfriend made me go see LB2. yes, my boyfriend. i wanted to see T3. what's wrong with this picture...

3. Hamburgers or hot dogs?

ahem, soy burgers. or soy pups if i'm in the mood (it strikes about once a year)

4. Boating or hiking?

if i had a boat...

5. Suntan lotion or sunblock?

hmmm. suntan lotion smells better. with spf, though. is that possible?

6. "Big Brother" or "The Amazing Race"?

proud to say i have not seen either. nor do i plan on starting now.

7. Beach Boys or Jimmy Buffett?

ugh. beach boys.

8. Grow your own produce or buy from supermarket/greengrocer/farm stand?

the only thing i grow is my hair so that i can go to a salon and have them style it.

9. Drive with car windows/top down, or with air-conditioning on?

i do not like a.c. i do not like it, sam i am.

10. Go away for vacation, or stay at home?

away! calgon, take me away!!!!

2003-07-03 - 2:57 p.m.

they call me oscar...

so grumpy today. and there's no reason to be. i have a three day weekend. i have the privilege of acting in a beautiful show. i have a boyfriend who dotes on me endlessly. friends and family who love me unconditionally.

so what gives? maybe i need for people to stop making meat jokes to their token vegetarian. maybe i need my boss to stop rolling his eyes at me. maybe i need for cheesy guys to leave me and my girlfriend alone at sporting events. maybe i need a car wash. or maybe i just need a nap.

yup. that must be it.

2003-06-30 - 3:11 p.m.

the gods are smiling down on me...

i met cesaria evora last night after her performance at the hollywood bowl!!!

there are very few people i would get that star-struck over but she truly is amazing. a true diva with a buttery voice, she softly moves across the stage or reclines quietly with a cigarette. i, like everyone there, was entranced.

ever since the death of my beloved nina simone, cesaria has filled in for me as a goddess and inspiration. she is truly lovely.

2003-06-18 - 2:30 p.m.

she's truly outrageous!

i think my present character was constructed entirely by these fabulous females...


strawberry shortcake


holly hobby

barbie and the rockers

hello kitty

...and very little else.

2003-06-13 - 1:50 p.m.

yay! it's finally here!

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